We Be Goblins

it’s the grate pumpkin Bissle


5683 gold 1136.6 gp each
1 platinum

The tattered blanket (sell) . @ : grants a + 1 bonus to ability saves, keeps the Wearer comfortable regardless of how cold it naturally gets & allows a caster to do touch spells 10 ft away.

Orange sphere @: (hell fire ion stone) Adds a 1d4 fire + 1d4 necrotic damage to a single target when you cast a damaging spell (bissle)

Small leather pouch: Zrug 1 cubic foot bag of holding with no weight limit,

Butchers knife, : Nig Nog Counts as a +1 short sword weapon and grants a 1d4 competence bonus to preparing food,

Sphere of blood, (overlord) its a magical battery for powering something big. made from the blood of 100 babies over 3 years use unknown (overly strong evil aura)

potion bottle filled with a watered down blood, : Bissle blood elemental potion. (drink the potion then vomit back up a medium blood elemental for 1 hour

Ring of dammed protection @ 2/day add 1d4 to any saving throw. (refer to dm notes)

Humanoid skeletal arm wand : Nig Nog Wand of the dead (made from a child arm and a obsidian stone fused with blood of innocents. Animate dead 1 charge pr day no material components needed, skeleton only, obeys whoever is holding the wand.

Manual of limited thought: (sell or for master) once read permanently adds +2 to inelegance then is destroyed

Storm in a bottle. Cnuob (storm kings tear) held in had ( 1/day add casting modifire to any electric based spell or open it to cause a natural thunder storm)
scroll rapped around this bottle: (ruff location of the storm king on a map along with a sketch of a mans head with a jagged lightning bolt looking horn sticking out of his forehead. with the words written around the map circling the page. . " he doesn’t deserve the crown. i will be storm king, the power of the gods will be mine.

kiss of life potion: Puck revives a dead companion. (instructions- in order to revive a dead companion you must drinck the potion. then you kiss your intended target giving them your life energy. warning this will kill whoever drinks the potion once they have given there life energy forever destroying your soul. without any ability to revive you)

There is also a none magical book of blood magic :bissle



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